The company’s goal is to create new and unique projects, from the development of the idea to the production of the defined object.

Marin Programmi Jacquards

The Embroidery

Embroidery is a living and present decorative art, extended in its application, constantly finding new surprising destinations.

The Textile Creations

Our textile productions stand out for the attention to detail and the taste for beauty, which lead to excellence.

The Workings

We offer a wide range of processes to enrich textile supports, suitable for the development of clothing styling, home linens, furnishing accessories.


Our service finds its use in the sector of the creation of household linen and embroidery as an accessory, in its infinite applications.

Corporate Gifts

Gadgets are useful on many occasions. Our rule is to look for the most suitable and effective promotional item, helping the customer in this search, offering him a wide range of promotional items, supporting him in his marketing project and following him at every stage of processing.


The personalization of promotional items is certainly the most important part of an entire promotional campaign, which manages to underline the importance of a promotional gadget and its message. Precisely for this reason we never underestimate this phase, we proceed accurately, providing our customer with the opportunity to verify the realization of the customization. All promotional items can be branded with your logo.


Who We Are

MPJ Ricami interprets a family tradition that has inspired several generations, from the origin of the programs for the first mechanical embroidery machines to the most advanced of today.
Leader in the sector of the 70s, that is with the advent of the first mechanical punches, collaborating with numerous designers and training the first punchers of the time. We opened the embroidery market throughout Italy, creating the programs and processes for the embroidery factories that were gradually emerging.

Our Services

Our Work

The Embroidery

Embroidery is a living and present decorative art, expanded in its application, constantly finding new surprising destinations.
We have learned to see embroidery as attention to detail and we have dedicated ourselves to the search for new areas in which to use it as an affirmation of the all-Italian style, protagonist in design. Embroidery, sober, sumptuous, artistic or graphic, transforms an object and characterizes it, in a completely original way.