Personalized clothing, marketing tool

In building a strong and original brand identity, the use of personalized clothing is very common since it allows you to identify who represents the company itself, expressing professionalism and uniqueness and at the same time becoming an advertising vehicle.
L ‘ advertising clothing is also suitable for use as a useful gift for customers and suppliers, and in this way the brand is more widespread and convey positive values linked to it.


Workwear customization

In Marin Programs Jacquards we produce workwear customized according to your needs: we study and develop the initial idea together, providing you with advice and expertise, then we proceed to the realization taking care of the processing methods and paying great attention to the quality of the product.

We use modern equipment for embroidery and printing and we carry out every phase of customization in our laboratories, carrying out a quality control on each finished product.

Depending on the desired result, we recommend using different techniques: in the case of the creation of logos, it is preferable to choose personalized clothing with embroidery , as this processing brings out the design with elegance and allows reproduction even on curved surfaces; printing customization is more suitable if you choose complex images or with minute details.