Personalized embroidery and prints, ancient and modern arts

Embroideries and prints are decorative arts that are renewed over time, which broaden the field of application and destination while keeping their charm unchanged. In Marin Programs Jacquards we dedicate ourselves to personalized embroidery with great attention to detail and we are constantly looking for areas in which to use this art, both as a fascinating exponent of Italian style and as a protagonist of design.

Customization and definition

The artistic embroideries, be they sober or sumptuous, pictorial or pure graphic signs, transform any object and characterize it in a completely original way. This is the reason why more and more product managers, designers and entrepreneurs who are looking for a particular process to define their own project find in the embroidery an ideal support: the use of this technique and the personalization of the design allow to develop and better define the identity of a company.

In Marin Programs Jacquards we do not address only companies that want to invest in their image, but we help people to realize their embroidered dreams: embroideries on shirts or other clothing can infact be a sign of corporate identity but also a studied gift and sought after.

We at Marin Programs Jacquards deal with embroidery on behalf of third parties, treating the development and implementation of the projects with care and meticulousness, helping you develop your idea and make it happen using the best materials