Logo application, travel identity

The logo is the very identity of a company. Whether it is a purely graphic symbol or that it contains an inscription, it must remain imprinted and stand out because it makes you know who you are and allows you to spread an advertising message. Within the dynamics of marketing and brand identity, therefore, the creation and application of the logo is fundamental.

The company logo , in addition to business cards and documents, can be applied on many different media, such as clothing and gifts.

A very popular item is the workwear with logo , which allows both to recognize the people who represent the company, expressing reliability and competence, and to be used as a gift, in the context of promotional campaigns. An example is represented by polo shirts with embroidered company logo , a comfortable and versatile garment.

In the ambit of objects, on the other hand, an item that is widely used and appreciated as it is easy to spread, is represented by pens with a company logo .

Custom gadgets with logo, we make them with you

We are a company specialized in the production of clothing and gadgets for companies with a customized logo and we offer you our expertise. We do not underestimate any phase of the creative and production process, but we proceed in an accurate way: we support you in the marketing project , advising you on the articles where to apply the logo and the most suitable technique, and we carefully monitor the quality of the product we offer you.